Focussing on Responsible Influencing

We are European Influencers Academy

Conspiracy theories, fake news and filter bubbles can lead to unsubstantiated or even extreme opinions. Influencers can play a role in opinion forming of large groups of people. To counter forming of extreme opinions, influencers need to be aware of the effects of their activities as opinion leaders.

The European Influencers Academy focusses on responsible influencing through events, masterclasses and workshops, in which influencers engage in meaningful dialogue with other influencers, students, researchers and businesses.


Our team consists of dedicated professionals from the Professorship Organisations and Social Media, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.


Deike Schulz  – Research Director

Martin Eenkhoorn – Educational Director

Charlotte van Hassel – Project Leader

Tessa Kaldenbach – Organisation Manager

Sara de Hoog – Project Support

Mariël Mosterman – Project Assistant


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From left to right: Tessa, Mariël, Martin, Charlotte, Deike, Sara.

Inside the European Influencers Academy: Mini Documentary

To further explain what the European Influencers Academy is and what we do, students of Creative Business, NHL Stenden, have made a mini documentary. This gives you a 14-minute insight into the European Influencers Academy.

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What we want to achieve

When we talk about influencers, we address individuals who represent an independent third party, shaping audience attitudes through social media. These influencers have great persuasive power towards their audience through their profiles.

We don’t offer instructions on how to sell more products, develop marketing strategies, or use audio-visual equipment. Our emphasis lies on responsible influencing and specifically becoming more aware of the impact of online communication in business and society. To accomplish this, we’re dedicated to researching the dynamics of the influencer economy.

Our objective is to raise awareness among influencers on topics as responsible influencing, meaningful communication, and to prevent forming of extreme opinions. Swipe Up Weeks are developed to bring together a group of European social media influencers and discuss topics around responsible influencing in an offline setting.

What we do


We research the influencer economy to gain a comprehensive understanding and raise awareness of the influential role influencers have. Within the Professorship Organisations and Social Media, a team of researchers explores various areas of the influencer economy. Research is currently ongoing, and we plan to publish the results at a later time.


We offer students the chance to become involved as researchers, analysing content on European Influencers’ Instagram pages. Their findings provide valuable data for influencers and researchers to reflect on key metrics and trends.

Swipe Up weeks

Swipe Up weeks are developed by our Organisation team. This is a week in which we bring European influencers together at our university in Leeuwarden, to discuss topics around responsible influencing in an offline setting. The program contains vision development concerning filter bubbles, group polarization, media ethics, authenticity, cultural differences, and sharing the experiences and struggles of being a social media influencer. Through the exchange with colleagues, students and companies, the influencers themselves are given the space to reflect on their role and influence in social developments and give and follow masterclasses. If you want to know more, take a look at our Swipe Up week page.

Joining the swipe up week

If you are a European influencer and you want to participate in a Swipe Up Week, join us! (Travel and housing expenses are covered).

Preconditions to participate in the Swipe Up Week:

-You have a minimum of 10.000 followers on one or more social media channels

-European impact, this means that your followers are based within one or more European countries.

About us

The European Influencers Academy is an initiative of the Professorship Organisations and Social Media of NHL Stenden. The Professorship studies mediated interaction in online communities to support meaningful communication.

Do you want to know more about the European Influencers Academy or do you want to join the team? Contact us via

NHL Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden
Rengerslaan 8-10
8917 DD Leeuwarden


Join our Swipe Up week:

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